Our Projects

Dredging Project

One endeavor is to have Lake Pelican dredged so that approximately 6 springs can be opened to add natural water into the lake and improve fish habitat for the sportsman.

Flood Protection Project

There will be flood protection on the near horizon for our entire area. This could be achieved more economically and quicker than other previous designs or ideas. The Lake Pelican Water Project district has contracted the professional services of the Bar Engineering Company of Minneapolis, MN for a Comprehensive Water Resources Management Plan and the design of multiple small dams and water detention structures in the tributaries draining into the Sioux River. This concept is as old as Mother Nature herself; constructed and implemented by Barr Engineering over 200 times prior in varying design sizes (this does not include other engineering firms using the same similar concept). This was approved by 81% of the land owners polled locally. Nationally, this is found to be the most environmentally friendly approach.

Wetland Restoration Project

Restoration of a 55-acre wetland bordering Lake Pelican is on the drawing board. A public outdoors educational center is currently planned when the project is completed. Also, there are three sites in the upper watershed that are in the planning stages for construction and restoration into wildlife wetlands and habitat.